The Return of Retail

Since our Government’s latest announcement more retail and other establishments prepare to re-open their doors after months of being closed, it comes as no surprise that the return will be a whole lot different than before. Although Leicester is still currently experiencing its second phase of lockdown, we continue to support businesses across the UK in preparation on re-opening their …

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New year, New Innovation

As we are all aware, retail innovation is constantly evolving and its key to stand out with new ideas and giving the customer a unique and memorable experience whether they are displays in store, art installations, exhibitions and more. This can cover everything from established brands testing new customer experience to the changing face of delivery. Retailers of all sizes …

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How Holograms will evolve in Retail 2020.

  Whilst most people are engrossed on AR using smartphones or headsets, the real hologram revolution is emerging more than ever. What is a Hologram? In basic terms, a hologram is a three-dimensional virtual object that isn’t ‘there’ to touch or feel. But it looks as if it could be. A hologram is either floating in the air or standing …

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