Pivotal sneeze screens & hand sanitising stations

During these uncertain, fearful times that the world is facing due to COVID-19, we want to assure you that at PRM, we are here to help.

We are producing ‘Sneeze Screens’ / Hygiene Protectors as well as Hand Sanitising Stations for any retail clients. 

These would be used in a variety of retail sectors such as Food stores, Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Offices, Trading Halls, Conference Centres, Hotels and more!

These are simple, yet effective and with a retro fit design, they will be able to last for this immediate and future threat to help us that little bit more get in control of this COVID-19 Pandemic.


  • Sneeze Screens

These are to protect not only the customer, but the retailer worker too.
These simple, yet effective solutions are the way forward, to take control and help throughout this COVID-19 Pandemic.

We offer a whole range of sizes with exclusive materials to increase the safety of us all. 

Options: 500mm W, 600mm W, 800mm W, 1000mm W. Please call us to confirm your desired size.


  • Hand Sanitising Stations

These hand sanitising stations are vital for any retail setting going forward. The benefits truly outline its properties and key values in aid to help you and everyone around us. 

The benefits for our Pivotal hand sanitising stations are:

  • 500ml bottle.
  • No need for water.
  • Kills 99.999% of all bacteria. 
  • Independently tested to BSEN Standards
  • Remains effective when dry for up to 6 hours
  • Kills MRSA & E Coli within 30 Seconds
  • this formula Kills Norovirus & NDM1, that can remain effective for 30 days on hard surfaces.
  • Kind to skin
  • Alcohol free formula
  • Non irritating, Non Flammable
  • Used in professional applications, nursing, surgeries etc.  

We can’t afford to give them away but can definitely get them in at an desirable cost. We just want to do what we can to make this journey safer and easier on us all.


  • Social Distancing Floor Stickers
Social distancing is a way to slow down or stop the spread of infectious diseases such as the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) by limiting contact between you and other people.
Let’s take social distancing seriously and stick to being 2 metres apart. A great way to depict a safe distance in queues, till points and a variety of other areas where we can make sure we are doing our bit.
Dimensions: 400mm x 250mm.
If you would like some advice on this for  “QuickTime” installation or want to enquire prices and sizes, please get in contact with our business development team today on either of these solutions:
  • Kevin – 07590885532
  • Matt – 07971527146

Or alternatively, email our team today with your enquiry: sneezescreens@pivotalrm.co.uk 

Let’s help each other. 


Prices may vary*

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