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Internet shopping from mobiles set to double.

Internet Shopping sales via mobile phones will more than double by 2013 as UK consumers get used to paying for goods on their handsets, according to Ovum and Verdict Research.

Verdict’s consumer research shows that while 28% of the UK adult population had internet access on their mobile in 2009, just 2.1% used this access to shop online.

However, with internet-savvy consumers now accustomed to the multichannel environment, they are beginning to embrace m-commerce.

At present, rather than shop, it is clear that consumers are using their mobiles to enhance the shopping experience by comparing prices, researching products and interacting with retailers.

The findings of Verdict’s consumer research reveal that 11.5% of all UK shoppers are using their mobiles to research before shopping, while 3.8% use them to research, engage and interact with retailers while out shopping.

Malcolm Pinkerton, senior analyst at Verdict Research, said: “Consumers are not spending significant amounts via mobiles and, for now, we believe the true potential for m-commerce is to provide consumers with a valuable tool for research, comparison shopping and retailer interaction.”

By 2013, internet sales via mobiles will have doubled to £275m, driven by a 119% rise in the m-commerce population, improvements in mobile technology, better interoperability and greater take-up of smartphones and Android devices.


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