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Shopper impatience is changing purchasing behaviour says credit card company.

People in the UK are changing the way they shop, just so they don’t have to stand in a queue, according to new research from Visa UK.

With 24/7 and always-on lifestyles becoming more common, research from Visa’s Understanding Everyday campaign revealed that over half of adults in the UK are more impatient now than they have ever been before. This intolerance is having a marked effect on shopping routines as the busy weekly shop and the queues that go with them are ditched in favour of other options.

76% of people are taking advantage of late night and 24-hour openings at supermarkets to do their grocery shopping and another 43% are using self-service checkouts to speed up the process. Nearly two thirds of people make the most of their local shops because of the shorter queues, while 37% are avoiding shops altogether by doing all their shopping online.

Greg Twitcher, vice president, Visa UK commented: “Amazingly 70% of people will walk out of a shop if the queue is too long and with so much pressure on our time we are always looking for ways to avoid wasting it in a queue. Retailers understand the pressures on consumers today and offer a range of options from late night to online shopping to help us beat the queues. Recent technological innovations such as the introduction of chip and PIN also mean that if we do get stuck in a queue the transactions will be quicker making the queue move along much faster than before.”

On average we spend 273 days of our lives in queues so it is not surprising that impatience gets the better of us and we start to get seriously annoyed after 13 minutes of queuing. What’s more, nearly 10% of adults become seriously annoyed the moment they are in a queue.

Interestingly people around the UK are adopting different methods for avoiding queues:

·People in the North East are making the most of technology with 54% shopping online and just over half taking advantage of self-service tills.

·The South East has the highest proportion (85%) of people who have changed their lifestyles altogether and now shop late at night or at quiet times of the day to avoid being in a queue.

·72% of people in Wales shop locally and are the most patient queuers only getting seriously annoyed after 15 minutes.

·People in the West Midlands queue for the longest with an average of 24 minutes per day, closely followed by Scotland with 22 minutes. ·Time spent queuing is lowest in the North West (11 minutes) and London (14 minutes).

·35-44 years olds are most impatient in queues, getting seriously annoyed after only 12 minutes while 45-54 year olds last the longest getting irritated by the queue after 14 minutes.


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