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Asda support Pudsey Bear’s Children In Need Appeal at Pudsey Store

Yesterday we visited Asda’s store at Pudsey and was surprised to see how much effort Asda had made to support Pudsey Bear. We are unsure on the amount of effort that has been rolled out across all stores or whether or not it’s just the association with its location – ‘Pudsey’. However, that they have gone to these efforts. We thought it was great to see a large Retailer such as Asda get behind such an amazing charity!

They decorated both inside and outside of the stuff, which brought the right attraction it was after! Included instore were full size Lego Pudsey Bear where children can sit on and have their picture taken.  The store was also selling Pudsey bear Gingerbread men with all proceeds going to the charity.

Pivotal were impressed with its efforts. Go ASDA!