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How to beat the pants off your competition in the search engines!

We attended the seminar by Karl Craig-West at the King Centre in Oakham on ‘How to beat the pants off your competition in the search engines’ and an insight into what the SEO gurus don’t want you to know!

Overall, it was a very insightful seminar focusing on the three W’s. What are the three W’s you may ask! Well these three W’s are the pivotal (no pun intended) moments for any business and what you have to offer.

  • W= Who are you?
  • W= What do you do?
  • W= What is in it for me/ what are you going to do for me?

These three W’s should be at the forefront of your homepage on your website and all social media platforms come to that! The fact is our attention span nowadays is proven to be very slim and we only have a few seconds before we get ‘bored’ – so its key to make a good impression. As a customer, if we cannot find the information we want at an easy reach – why should we try hard to search through a website to see what is in it for us – we shouldn’t!

To make it easier for customers, it is imperative to include your contact details everywhere. Plaster it on every page if needs be! You don’t want your customers to fight to find your number – they will click out.

Karl outlined how important blog writing is, and it doesn’t even have to be about your avenue per say or a current project you are working on. It could be a good discussion or a subject which is hot topic at that point in time. Obviously, content is closer to your avenue is always good – it targets your allocated audience but by no means hold back on writing up blogs based on your ideas, thoughts or creative flow. Its good to write blogs in your own words, granted, you could be influenced by current blogs – but be different, put a unique spin on it and bring personality!



When blogging your business’ work, it doesn’t always have to be fresh new content – so don’t sweat it! You can always re-post old content and do a bit of a throwback if you wish! Most people tend to not remember years back of content, so its always good to re-present work you have done and reflect – its all about progression and presenting yourself in refreshing ways.

Karl also outlined, which we highly agree on also – to include more video! Video content is becoming more captivating and innovative, whether a video on your web or a Youtube upload. Get moving image content out there, Google loves it and it shows we are ‘less robotic’ and that we are in-fact real people, willing to publish fresh and exciting content, because let’s face it, anyone can upload images – its not all that special!



A moving image or video is a great idea for your website homepage – it engages them immediately and presents your business in an appealing manor straight away. Same goes for a Live Chat option at the bottom/side of your homepage, as well as including staff photos – these are both extremely important, in-particular staff headshots, it gives your customers that personal engagement they are seeking, and we aren’t just a business on the web, sat behind a screen and keyboard – we are real, and we mean business!

Becoming ‘real people’ on the internet is ultra-important to your customers, they want to know who are behind the emails, the calls, their enquiries.

Another great point which was made; your website content. This will revolve around many things such as, social bookmarking, social media, blogs, case studies, other web links, email marking and web forums. They all return and should complement one another, and we need to make it clear what our market is all about, relating back to the three W’s statement above – it needs to be uniformed, to create content for all social media platforms and not make it all the same.

Let’s talk forums for a second. Its all well and good including a forum on your website, it’s a great tool to use and it links to your supplied e-mail address to your business. However, especially when someone has found you on the web, its vital to get back to them as soon as! There will be a higher rate of custom is there is a reply to them within the hour. They will appreciate your ‘prompt’ reply and may even go ahead due to this. Even to set up an automated e-mail response is a good idea and just a way to respond in the meantime, even if you cannot respond to their enquiry at hand all in one – just at least make them know you have received their enquiry and you will be in contact shortly.

A last point we wanted to touch on, which we learned in this seminar is the way we engage with our colleagues within the business. You need to be kept in the loop – sit down with the team weekly, fortnightly or even monthly and explain one another’s work schedules, explain what you’re working on at the moment and engage with what content could be upcoming, because after all, it is not about quantity – it’s about posting quality.


  • Posted by Emma Thorpe