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We attended Popai’s Shopper Seminar


‘POPAI’s shopper seminars provide an invaluable forum for retail marketing professionals to gain unique best practice insight into recent retail marketing campaigns and in-store innovations, as well as to share, debate and network with their peers.’


Yesterday we attended Popai’s Shopper Seminar at the London Transport Museum, because at Pivotal, we think it is an important role to market research, network and connect with as many people as possible. We believe in getting to know who’s out there, exchanging contacts, getting insights and seeing what other events we can attend, as well as learning new ways to become the best we can be, because at the end of the day – we all learn something new each day!



A few key factors that were outlined…



The thing that everyone should be doing! This seminar included a variety of talks from companies around the UK, enlightening us all on being as environmentally friendly with our products. Whether that would be from creating an FSDU, gantry unit – right down to a whole exhibition stand. We learnt about key new, innovative ways to ‘flat pack’ the stands in efficient and effective ways to not only downsize in quantity of items to manoeuvre, but how to keep the standard still at a high-quality finish, maintaining the look you want and better than that, make it recyclable!

Using as much recyclable materials are what we always aim to include and achieve at Pivotal, we like to advise on these sorts of resources – its what we take pride in, as we believe in sustainability and contributing to the landfill as little as possible!


Impulse shoppers

As part of Pivotal, we have insights where we research and investigate our target markets, not only to educate ourselves, but to give our potential customers and clients the best results we can give. Research is so important. You need to be educated well in what the project is you are getting into and being able to understand statistics, shopper information and public surveys for example – this gives you the sufficient and reliable information moving forward with relevant actions for your client.

We learnt that impulse buyers are more likely to purchase something around them on the lead up to the till if they are second and behind in the queue. The overall product placement is key to enticing potential customers. It is about being clever, whether that is what is #trending right now or what is current to the appropriate seasons; spring, summer, autumn, winter.


Retail Expo


The Retail Expo team went on stage and did a talk. This was an exciting subject for us – because if you didn’t know already, we are exhibiting this year – stand 6G39 (check out our previous blog on this)

It was great to put faces to the names from the organisation. They outlined what to expect over the course of the two days this May for the exhibition. There will be hundreds of stands consisting of digital, design and signage companies. The Expo also includes 5 stages which will consist of multiple talks from Worldwide influential companies within the retail industry.. All very exciting!


Popai Awards

Phil, the Director from Popai touched on the Popai Awards event and how it would be influential to those potential businesses who are wanting to get their name out there, as well as being in with the chance to win an award for their hard work in retail.

Popai aren’t strangers to us – we have won a total of 7 awards already and we are extremely proud of our accomplishments over the years.


Why design matters

  • DisplayPlan

Why does design matter? It is all about starting products correctly. Begin at the end of life and work your way backwards. Sustainability needs to be added to the considerations you make at the creative stage of the process as design decisions are made at this point. Sustainable thinking is as important as imaginative, creative and inspirational ideas.


We enjoyed our day at the London Transport Museum and look forward to attending this again next year.


  • Posted by Emma Thorpe