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How to grow your social media following

How do you grow your social media? A topic we could all educate ourselves on.

You might devote most of your funds into Google, Facebook ads and Sponsored posts on Instagram – with the high hopes that those posts will attract potential customers. But as for many of us – we’re not overly keen on ads, especially as now most people invest in Adblocking.

Its well known that social media is constantly on the up. Throughout the years, more social media channels are evolving and being invented. We turn to social media to exploit ourselves. Why is this you may ask? Because its free, and you’d be silly not to use it!

Routinely posting content on your social platforms is a dependable way to engage and connect with your growing audience. But, of course, there are always right and wrong ways to post content on social media.


The all-important rules are as follows:

  • Produce great content, not just marketing

It is important to differentiate marketing from media. Marketing are sales pitches, deals, slogans, however media on the other hand doesn’t necessarily talk to you directly about your service or products. It is about producing content that benefits your following/ audience, and not just one of those sales pitches.

Social media is a great way to exploit not only yourself, but to connect with your competitors. A little competition is healthy, and we can all learn from each-other. For instance, LinkedIn – we find this is a great way to connect with others in a similar industry and view their work and connect with colleagues and suppliers. Therefore, create and share media that your audience can learn from. Not only does it add value to their lives and business but it positions your brand as an authority in the field.


  • Educate your following more

Educating your following based on a subject that your company specializes in is the best way to carve your niche. Identify who your audience is and what they’re organically talking about. There are so many sites out there now which blog all about the market and all types of specific industries. This gives you the type of inspiration we all need. Then, it is down to you – do as much as you can (within reason) for example, to create; Blogs, case studies, photo galleries, YouTube videos, Facebook posts, Instagram stories—everything is fair game.

To maintain your following and to keep your audience on their toes, coming back for more, you need to consistently upload content. That can seem daunting to some… The trick is to post often, while maintaining good quality, don’t just post anything!


  • Looks matter

It pains us to say… But – looks do matter.

All social media platforms are visual, this means your content is easily reachable and nowadays our attention span is short. You have only a few seconds to grab your audience, and with your good-looking content – you’re in! Your content needs to be portrayed as polished – it will add credibility to your post, and people love appreciating good design. I mean, who doesn’t right?!


  • Combining

Basically, it comes down to empathy and selflessness.

By empathy, we mean listen to what your audience is talking about and understand their interests and pain points.

By selflessness, we mean share your knowledge with your audience without expecting anything in return. No hidden sales pitches. Just valuable content. That sounds backwards, but it works.


  • Posted by Emma Thorpe


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