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Shout-out to Hong Kong’s Hey Yo new concept store

Introducing one of Hong Kong’s newest addition to a concept store.. with a twist!

At Pivotal, we love to project research and find new and exciting point of sale, retail design and overall creative spaces. It adds to our inspiration and its great to see what other creative designers are producing.

We came across this stunning eatery of all things sweet treat related, in the vibrant city of Hong Kong.



‘Inspired by the all the pastel colours of macaroons, designers have taken and adopted these colours in different areas of the shop. Just like a pastry chef forming different shapes with flour and dough. The designer formed different shapes of design and furniture. Each arch window is painted with grey texture paint. The arch window on the front of the door, includes a bright neon sign which permeates the atmosphere. Beside the continuous arch windows, different colours of display shelves and display items are composed like a dream-like oil painting. Round countertops resemble Macaroons is in their unique hues, and chairs resemble coloured dough in contrast to shaped countertops.’



The use of colours captures your attention like no other. It brings a sense of fantasy. This dream-like space is captivating and doesn’t hold back with its use of colours, design and lighting.

Their freshly baked and prepared treats are neatly displayed in the beautiful curved edge windows, which highlights the products and the in-store space, making the colour prominent and eye catching.



Their logo branding is a sense of K-Pop, retro – with its thick curly calligraphy style font. It also portrays the same colours throughout the interior… Pink! The interior design and decor is minimal, yet inviting and has a sense of warmth and cosiness to it. It is appropriate for shoppers of all ages with its use of comfy cushioned seating areas, making it a social space to visit.



Inside they have a great system of steps to get people involved in what they prepare and order…


  • Step 1 – loading your ice-cream into your cup – this is your time to get as much as you want!
  • Step 2 – toppings. Now if you didn’t go IN on your ice-cream, this is the time to take real advantage of your topping options.
  • Step 3- is the payment process. A shopping journey perfect and easy for all ages.

A great way to get customers participating in their desired ice-cream.



The cool droplet lighting adds a delicate touch which contributes to this stores unique-ness!

Pretty cool right. Who else wants to go here?! I know we do!


Reference: RetailDesignBlog


  • Posted by Emma Thorpe