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Pivotal RetailExpo 2019

We’re still living off our time at the RetailExpo

As most of you may know already, we have visited many exhibitions including the RetailExpo, but this year was our first time to officially exhibit – and what a year to pick to do so!


We got to meet so many of you and it was great to finally put our combined creative ideas on display for you all. Showcasing just an insight to what we can achieve!

One of the most enjoyable aspects of planning for this expo was the chance to get everyone involved at our Pivotal HQ and tie in our combined passion and drive for design and display solutions.



It was our chance to work with the allocated space we had to portray what we can achieve for an exhibition stand. We love designing and bringing retail solutions to life but this time, it was our turn to curate a branded space totally dedicated to us.

Bringing our unique Pivotal lime green pantone to the stand was vital – as this brought an appeal like no other. Our stand was purely designed from scratch by our in-house head of design and marketing team. They worked closely together to combine both aesthetically pleasing visual concepts, as well as practicality.



It was key for us to be able to create a space where not only can we portray what we do but to be able to give potential customers comfort. Supplying chairs gave the customer that inviting vibe – and a great chance to speak about our portfolio pieces, which was displayed on our OSB panel board.



Including both A5 and A4 high-gloss printed mounted boards of our work, it gave us a great focal point to speak about our work in a more engaging manner with our customers. We got to compare and contrast between displays and even had chance to inspire those wanting ideas for their retail solutions.



Our look was clean, pleasing and sustainable. We wanted to use wood to not only break up the white space on both back walls but to also prove that we are a very eco-friendly and sustainable company, as we aim to source as much recyclable materials for our clients when possible.

Our use of iPad and tablet displays were kindly gifted in partnership with inVue. These were useful to include in our stand as we believe that most retailers are after updated kit for their instore check-out services to maintaining bookkeeping, staff records, stock taking, restaurant reservations, hotel bookings and more.



At Pivotal, we can create bespoke tables and units to display these devices and more!

Another shout out goes to Tecna. A company we have worked alongside with to execute the build of our stand.

Both seeing our vision combined, made our ideas into reality.


At Pivotal, we wanted to give our customers a whole journey, starting from a greet, seeing our work and ending with our giveaways – a great way to remember us even more so!


At Pivotal, we wanted to give our customers a whole journey, starting from a greet, seeing our work and ending with our giveaways – a great way to remember us even more so!

We wanted our giveaways to be something practical, yet memorable, and not so much just a branded item that people have no use for. We had our own branded merchandise organised by our head of marketing team. Our giveaways consisted of customised and personalised luxury A5 mole books; perfect for work or personal notes. This book consists of 80 lined pages, a pocked insert at the back with an elasticated pen loop closure – which compliments the branded pens we also supplied – a perfect and highly-practical combination for all you working professionals!



We also got A5 gloss finish flyers designed which gives you all a breakdown into who we are and what we do!

Our flyer even included a testimonial from one of our loyal clients we have worked with over the years (Beiersdorf) – proving our work is something to talk about! Our Design team included a bespoke, personalised bar code as well – once scanned with the camera on your phone, it’ll lead you to our website! We wanted to bring interactivity and a technology involvement into our printed materials, and we achieved this effectively.



Our stand needed to be prominent and high-end. The RetailExpo is a competitive exhibition and it was great to see all the effort involved.

That being said, we incorporated illuminated panel boards behind our graphics. This screamed contemporary and brought our stand to life. The LED lights within the wall panelling was something we wanted to include as this makes the text more visible and easier to read from a distance.



Everyday we pride ourselves on being insightful into the wonderful world of retail! However, we’re all still learning and continue to educate ourselves on new developments, ideas, designs, and the overall industry. Learning new techniques from everything from marketing, social media and how the shopper shops! It was important for our marketing team to engage and attend seminars at the expo. The seminars left us inspired and refreshed our way of thinking!



It was important to us to showcase our awards we have gained over the years. For those who are unaware, we have been a part of the Popai Awards since 2014 and possess a total of 7 awards so far!

So much so, we attended the nomination announcement at the RetailExpo for this year’s awards on our first day where the Director of Popai announced that we have been nominated for 2 awards for both categories of Home & Garden and Project Management & Installation.



We included a television into our side wall, which is an interactive prop. The tv presented our portfolio work on a slideshow viewing. This was another great talking piece for us and it was a handy way on getting to chat to you on how we can execute plans similar for yourselves in future display ideas.



It was our pleasure meeting you all at the RetailExpo!

We will be looking forward to receiving your e-mails and calls for any enquiries you may have!


We love what we do.


  • Posted by Emma Thorpe

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