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Vape and Volts – Camden

Vape and Volts Ltd in Camden, London, are the 2016 winners of the “Best UK Vape Shop Award” as well as winning “Innovation of The Year Award” for the UK’s first ever contact-free e-liquid tasting bar…Vapedex.

Vape and Volts, is an electronic cigarette and e-liquid specialist. They have an ever-expanding range of devices, liquid and accessories from only the most reliable and sort after manufacturers.

Vape and Volts owner and managing Director Michiel Carmel has more than 7 years experience in the ecig industry, and was founder of ECITA (Electronic Cigarette Independent Trade Association), and also founder of The Vapestick Group, one of the UK’s most popular and iconic electronic cigarette brands, which was sold to ECIG.CO in 2014

Vape and Volts are proud to offer industry beating services, such as 2 hour delivery and their new LIVE Video Chat service, where you can speak to and see a member of the in-store team and take a close up look at products before placing an order online. Don’t worry though…you can see them, but they can’t see you (they can only hear you).


Our Marketing team stumbled across and found Vape & Volts on the web and we were eager to blog about them. Vape and Volts pushed the boundaries on the typical vaping instore design approach. Their bold neon colours reminded us of the 90s retro era with its display of artwork and murals across the walls, stylised in a graffiti inspiration, which brings an appeal like no other! 

The bespoke storage cupboards are complete with a contemporary finish. With its fitted LED lighting installations, this creates theatre and a bright, fresh look. The lighting also highlighting the texture from the units, as well as causing shadow which develops contrast between light and dark. 

The use of purple is their pivotal colour throughout the store and sets their branding apart, as well as being unmissable by passers-by – a great enticing way to bring customers into store. 

This store invites those seeking guidance and product descriptions of all things vape. It has an inviting feel to it, especially with the use of glass counter display units which presents the products clearly. This is an easily accessible way for people to see, touch and feel products as well as even testing out flavours!

Coming from ourselves at Pivotal, we like to investigate and research insightful retail design on all scales. Considering we work with clients in the vaping category, its good for us to be inspired throughout the industry in which vaping has to offer and what other brands provide as apposed to their approach for instore displays and design. 




  • Posted by Emma Thorpe