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How to create a better shopping experience – both instore & online

We’re all guilty of making impulse purchases and treating ourselves to a bit of retail therapy, sometimes more often than anticipated! However, as consumers we want a great shopping experience, whether that is online or instore.  With retail being a competitive marketplace – we believe the below statements will play a fundamental part in a successful and satisfying shopping experience. 



Nowadays our attention span is very small, and its safe to say that our patience is slim too! With technology at our finger-tips and online shopping becoming more and more popular each day, we expect online servers to be fast and efficient.

In our eyes, as a consumer, in order to implement having an easy and overall better shopping experience, we believe the following strongly apply:

  • Make sure your site loads quickly, whether on a computer or a mobile device;

Always aim to keep the website load time to a minimum. Customers won’t wait around – they’ll go elsewhere.

  • Focus on navigation – and don’t forget about site search.

Customers tend to come online shopping for 2 reasons (1) spontaneous pay day shopping treat! (2) they know what they want. In this case, customers should be able to easily navigate the site and the items should be clearly listed in each drop down section. So, with this being said, invest in a good site search technology. If this isn’t included then the site search remains a neglected part of the customer journey.

  • Remember that a good photo can be worth a thousand words.

Never underestimate the power of high-quality photography. A photo speaks volumes, especially with social media and the forever growing industry on influencers. Its vital that products are displayed and presented in a professional way. Its just the same as a business pitch – you’re there to influence your customers and make them feel happy on their purchases.

  • Less is often more when it comes to content.

In many cases less can be more. When people click into a cluttered website, we’re more likely to become overwhelmed and click out. A website should be informative but in a clever creative way. Sectioning text away from imagery, hyperlinks and other pages are key. Make your site easy to read and clear. Photography is never flat! Incorporate moving image, video footage, three-dimensional effect images and animation. This draws attention like no other and speaks with itself – therefore, why speak over it?!

  • Include customer reviews.

We love to see reviews! Its true. We love to see what is worth us forking out our hard-earned money on! A review section is vital for websites, whether they are under ‘Client comments’ / ‘Testimonials’ / ‘Reviews’ / ‘What people say’ – however you want to word it, its reassuring to us, we like to relate and it helps us trust what we are purchasing. 




  •  Retail Design

Its safe to say we all love retail design! We want to enjoy our shopping experience – if the store is both aesthetically pleasing to visualise from the outside – first off, we want to get inside! We have a few seconds for customer engagement and the window shop display is where it starts! Interior of the store is vital; you want to bring your customers right through to the end where the changing rooms/ till area is situated – creating a whole customer journey. If your retail design is on point – it will be a pleasure to shop in and the key is for your shoppers to come back wanting more.

We can all appreciate the lengths retailers go to maximise their instore presence through retail design as a whole. Many aspects fall into this such as; Mannequins, window shop, displays, lighting, materials, amount of product displayed, amount of space between rails, hangers, folded items, point of sale, mirrors, changing rooms, till area and more. 

  • Employees

Staff friendliness is key. Employees are the people that drive the store and are there for any assistance – a smile goes a long way! That being said, make sure the staff in store are always aware of your presence – there’s nothing worse than looking around for a member of staff if you have a question or is stood at the till for a length of time waiting to buy an item. Therefore- improving speed of the customer service and efficiency is absolutely necessary. 

  •  Reward regulars

Most brands nowadays offer an online subscription where you can sign up to their Newsletters. A lot of us tend to opt out on this as we seem to recognise these alerts via email as ‘Junk.’ However, you get a lot of advantages if you decide to sign up, such as promotional offers, new arrivals, secret sales, and free delivery to instore collections. 

  • Music

There is nothing worse than entering a store that is blasting out music, especially music that seems to be labelled as ‘controversial.’ You want a pleasant shopping experience.

The right level of music has many rules to follow; Music genre, volume, position, placement of speakers and the number of speakers.

  • Product placement

Product placement is key! Instead of repeating ourselves, we composed a very insightful blog on this already.


Check it out here!




  • Posted by Emma Thorpe

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