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Pat McGrath: The Mothership

The Mothership of Pat McGrath labs.

Finally hitting the fashion capital of the UK, situated at the spectacular store Selfridges, Oxford Street – London.

Bringing a unique shift to window shop displays and concession space – have a read through our thoughts and check out her remarkable retail design below.



For those who are unaware of Pat McGrath, she is known as ‘Mother’ in the beauty industry and is a well-respected make-up legend and MBE.

Soaring in the beauty community as one of the most dominant British make-up artists there is to exist, Mother has been called the most influential make-up artist in the world by Vogue magazine and other commentators. In 2019 she was included in Time’s 100 most influential people list.



Explore the opulent obsessions, iconic inspirations and alluring addictions

that have fuelled Mother’s wonderful journey in fashion and beauty

in a one-of-a-kind takeoverPat McGrath



Famous for her innovative, creative and adventurous make-up lines, it’s safe to say that she has marked her position in the industry and doesn’t go unnoticed!

Mother has been recognised through brand collaborations with the likes of Max Factor and Dolce & Gabbana, whilst being the lead make-up artist on many celebrities and models along the way throughout her career worldwide.



Being an international inspiration, our marketing team took a trip down to London to see her very own cosmetics line ‘Pat McGrath Labs’ in the flesh.

With the line being at easy reach over in the US, it is now available to us Brits as we have been dying to get our hands on her products!

We wanted to see it for ourselves… and it did not disappoint!




We were lucky enough to visit her temporary ‘The Mothership’ three-month pop-up store concept. It’s safe to say that gold is the pivotal colour and running theme throughout the design.

Gold is in fact Pat’s favourite colour and she wanted the retail concept to orbit her passion and interests –

making it her own.



The gold invites a luxurious, high-end and rich appearance and not forgetting a diamond lovers dream with the involvement of hanging and ‘smashed’ crystal chandeliers.



Immersing yourself through the concept of the store, you submerge into the different areas, admiring each and every section.

Inviting the style of ‘Hollywood back stage’ with the use of vanity lighting and mirrors, to old-school retro free standing light bulb props to vintage styled polaroid pictures plastered against the main back wall where the till is situated – breaking up space in a mood board/ scrapbook effect – giving customers make-up inspiration.


Taking the plunge in investing into a variety of table units and vanity stations – giving the customers the opportunity to be pampered and ability to test, touch and feel the products on display. With the use of counter display fixtures, the bespoke product stations are manufactured and installed perfectly to fit and slot in a diverse selection of her line.



Complimenting her sublime cosmetic collection, includes a range of exclusive beauty services. Indulging in the Hollywood star vibe, you get to experience ‘backstage’ – allowing customers to experiment some of Pat McGrath’s most iconic runway appearances and looks – including her iconic ‘smoke and mirrors‘ eye or the famous ‘glitter lip‘. 


Selfridges to me is an iconic London landmark;

the epitome of luxury that is always finding new ways to excite and intrigue its customers‘ – Pat McGrath




We absolutely loved visiting the store – we were well and truly mesmerized. It is safe to say that Pat McGrath exceeded our expectations, introducing a whole unique shopping experience we at Pivotal admire and continue to introduce with our clients. Aspects and the overall retail concept are something we can achieve and an experience like this gives us the right inspiration we need from these ‘On the Road’ trips.

With the beauty industry being more competitive than ever, standing out is becoming more challenging year after year. Adding character, innovation and creativity starts with an idea and we can make them reality. 


  • Posted by Emma Thorpe



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