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Nike Town: On the road

Nike Town London is in an imposing building on the northeast corner of Oxford Circus in central London. This opened as the UK’s flagship Nike store in 1999 on the corner of Oxford Street and Regent Street.

Nike continually offers new design classics and some of the Nike shoes have been listed as ‘best-selling’ for many years.

Our marketing team took a trip to London to visit the Nike store. Undoubtedly, the athleisure industry has boomed over the last few years and we can see why! It seems to be that anyone who likes to wear athletic wear for casual and daily wear have adopted this trend – with fitness and the popularity of getting fit in the gym on the rise, it seems that the #StrongIsTheNewSkinny craze is where it is at! 


“This is more than a shopping experience, it’s a destination to celebrate sport just in time for an incredible summer of football, netball, athletics and more.”

Now updating the whole opportunity of retail design, creativity is at its finest. Introducing a whole scope of international flags all around the store – uniting sport from all over the world.



Nike Town has not only newly developed their retail design but brought the club to you! With their in-house DJ, amplified throughout all three floors – you are submerged into an upbeat, positive and party atmosphere. What better way to heighten your shopping experience?!



Nike have updated their women’s athleisure zone, featuring several touchpoints in their ‘Unbeatable support. Their Unlimited possibilities’ zone uses white LED bulbed glass lighting – which screams contemporary. This zone introduces a suitable shopping experience for women of all sizes and provides the shopper with a variety/ preferability over; fit, style, fabric and use. The sport bra range gives women the opportunity to read what each garment is best worn for and which are most effective for your ultimate support.



Each zone is precisely colour blocked with the use of vibrant pantone colours starting from the floor and travelling all the way to the back-wall cladding, even matching the hanging ceiling flags.

This invites the shopper in, even at the forefront of the store when you enter. The use of colours captures your attention and is a great tool to get you into store.



Mannequin displays are evolving and are one of the most highly purchased props that retail can include in their displays. Now ranging in structure, shape, finish, stance, colour, material, height and overall detail. Nike introduces their high-shine silver chrome sport active mannequins, displayed wearing the designated zone recommended items, situated in-front of large lightbox graphics – inviting more light and real life representation of the garment – which is great marketing as we all love to see a representation of the products we buy!



“With the incredible momentum in women’s sport right now, the re-designed space is just another demonstration of Nike’s commitment to inspiring and serving the female athlete”

– Sarah Hannah, Nike’s GM/VP for Women in EMEA.


Women’s football boots have now a forefront position instore on the ground floor. The running theme through this section compromises of free standing highly silver chrome square pods, ranging in height order, displaying the footwear in a clear strut with a three-dimensional bent metal wiring display on their ceiling support – uniquely breaking up space between hanging photography ‘flagging.’




You can now custom design your own personalized and unique footwear in the ‘Lioness By You’ zone in their upstairs space, with Nike staff available to help one-to-one – you can now create the perfect personalisation for yourself or as a gift for someone! The hanging light displays highlight the tops individually which creates a different, yet creative effect on personalisation – with a twist on using mannequins.




Nike embraces the testing of shoes and takes it to a new innovative level. You can now try the shoes on over real-life AstroTurf/ artificial grass to test the shoes and comfort whilst kicking the ball about a bit if you like too! The shoes have designated zones for both precision and speed – giving you the catered shopping experience you are after.



  • Posted by Emma Thorpe


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