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On the road: Boots – Covent Garden


Boots open their new Wellness concept Flagship store in the heart of Covent Garden – their biggest ever makeover throughout their 170 year establishment.

Their revamp showcases an innovative customer journey across their two-floor beauty hall – bringing luxury and innovation.



The white marble-tiled beauty hall hosts more than 300 brands, including the new and upcoming Fenty Beauty (Rihanna’s cosmetics line) and others such as Benefit Cosmetics, Urban Decay and more! 

Boots have thought outside the box at introducing technology into their store, so much so you can now take pictures of your purchases in an Instagram zone or conduct video makeovers in the YouTube studio. 

After Boots have announced they have phased out using plastic bags and converted to brown paper bags, they are keen to promote its green credentials, so much so there is now a dedicated zone with a free water supply solution upstairs – something we can all appreciate!




“Our new Covent Garden store starts a journey of reinventing Boots for the future. The store is full of exciting beauty brands, ideas for living well and services to help you get better. We will learn what people love and want from this shop, and this will help us shape a blueprint for our whole 2,500-store estate.”


As you make your way up the first floor, you see a gradient blue tone stair forefront which contracts light to dark in undertone – an effective touch of incorporating colour where in other Boots stores they are usually white with silver capped edges.



On their first floor, pharmacy customers can now collect their prescriptions from a secure locker. Soon Boots will also be announcing their range of sustainable and health products including eco-friendly sanitary protection, refillable shampoos and products containing CBD, a product we are very familiar with.

This 28,524 sq ft store excites the shopper walking through as the dedicated zones are well thought out, giving each zone their own shine and talking point. The units consist of metal and wood bespoke framing with a vinyl cut out of the brands/ sections in an easily readable calligraphy style font. Bringing the zone to life with the use of a back panel illuminated by LED lights and forefront graphics, adding more overall light to the space and sector. 




A successful shopping journey consists of many factors that retailers need to consider. Boots investigation team have taken on board factors that they feel weren’t necessary nor captivating, therefore they have reviewed their portfolio and made some changes. Their Covent Garden store now includes bespoke, durable stands instead of their cardboard advertisements and signs, which makes their store more premium looking. They have taken out additional posters to release an illusion of space as well as widening aisles. Meanwhile, signs designating gender-specific frames have been ditched from the optician’s area.

They have also included an open and pipe revealing concept for the ceiling, this gives the illusion that the space is bigger. Square panelling for the ceiling brings the lighting down, creating shorter space between floor and ceiling – setting the illusion of a more cramped space. 

 Boots pivotal colours are white and navy, so it is refreshing to see that they have invited pops of colour throughout the store. Including a pink and terracotta orange flower wall gives the store a soft, fresh touch. With pink being included, it has relevance to this year’s Pantone colour – which we also blogged about!






Boots care about the service and customer satisfaction. On the first floor they include a customer satisfaction free standing unit where you can rate your customers shopping experience with the use of faces ranging from positive to negative. 



The hanging greenery coming down from the piping up above adds a sense of nature, inviting a pop of colour and promotes their wellness and green credentials. 




The forefront of the store includes a ‘Let’s talk Beauty’ section. A great way of getting advice, tips and tricks on creating a desired look, key pieces to ‘keep or kill’ in your bag and overall advice on new products and making sure that you have the right skincare information that is truly dedicated to you – A unique service that not many stores offer! This service can be used by both men and women of all ages, which is a great tool to also entice the shopper in store, and providing a unique selling point (USP).




Throughout the ground floor incorporates vanity bulbed mirrors, table units with seating. This is a zone where the dedicated concession staff can help you test and try out the products in store, but of course maintaining hygiene – supplying sanitary safe applicators and cleansers. Every girls’ dream! 




Each gantry unit has been authorised by Boots’ guidelines in accordance to gantry systems, product pushers, sizes and materials. Each branding stations has a luxury, high-quality finish to it and incorporates many high gloss finishes with the use of acrylic and sprayed metal. With the use of these materials, it makes the stand durable, easy to clean and reduces the risk of any damage caused, if you were to use more temporary materials such as card or plastic.


Based on the ground floor, No7 thought to design a bespoke branded system. With the structure incorporating a curved feature, this breaks up the space in a unique aspect – whilst giving the shopper a different customer journey as opposed to the standardised gondola units.




We understand Boots’ new launch has been a talking point for some time, so it was great to see it for ourselves. We continue to search and gain insight into new and upcoming stores across both the UK and globally and we also look forward to producing more On the road content. Watch this space!


  • By Emma Thorpe


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