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On the road: Not being scared of colour pays off

Our Marketing team is always on the look out to discover innovative retail design, and ready to blog about their experiences!

Being back on the road to London always gives us a chance to find stores that think outside the box and bring something new to the table. Many brands and individuals are afraid of incorporating colour, especially when it comes to prints, fantasy wonders and mythical creatures – but not so daunting for Irregular Choice!

For those unaware who Irregular Choice are, they are a fashion brand which were founded in Brighton back in 1999. They specialise in unusual, fun and creative footwear, bags and accessories.



“As a reason to stand out from the crowd.” – Dan Sullivan CEO


From embellished heels, ornate wood carvings, tiny intricate charms and lavish fabrics, to the memorable colour combinations, everyday has an Irregular Choice favourite shoe or story… Or yet to happen!

Each year Irregular Choice create 600 different styles and is constantly ongoing with more ideas in-between photos and sketches – it is an ever-expanding creative process reaching to what is now giving their customers over 10,000 different options… Crazy right?!

Irregular Choice has evolved with great strides over the past decade. The brand is now sold through hundreds of stockists worldwide, even having their own stores across the globe, with more in the pipeline. 

Every Irregular Choice customer has their own favourite design and with such a huge collection from season to season there is always something to tempt every shoe addict!

Their design doesn’t stop at the shoes, but their innovative and creative retail design speaks for itself!




Their pivotal branding colour screams pink! Look at these photos of their store based in the heart of Carnaby Street, London – its safe to say that this catches your attention and draws you to the store!

Who loves unicorns? 

The mythical creatures that they incorporate throughout the store with their branding invites a sense of fantasy and theatre. A great way at breaking up space on the shop floor and are included in their wall displays.

Throughout the store, as well as iridescent small squared panelling, behind the logo at the front of the store – they also incorporate a mirrored effect which gives the illusion that the store is not only bigger but you’re being in a never-ending fantasy-like shopping experience. 

To present the shoes in a unique way, they thought to create multiple squared levels in a high-shine, iridescent finish.



Their main wall on the left when you walk into the store includes an artificial grass and leaf installation which pops, invites colour and gives the fantasy-like vibe!

Adding in fairground ride horses that are decorated with bright acrylic finish paint adopts the vision of a childlike, yet fun space. 



We enjoyed visiting Irregular Choice instore and look forward to seeing more innovative retail design. 


  • Posted by Emma Thorpe

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