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Bringing innovation – BY Experimental Store

Retail innovation like no other. Introducing the luxurious BY Experimental concept store.

BY is an experimental space where retail meets art gallery. With retail constantly shifting and evolving, its key to stand out. Designers and architects are always coming up with new and innovative ways to invite the shopper in and entice purchases. The new way to do this is to maintain a fresh, open and inviting space where customers can enjoy their shopping experience. 


Designed by Edward Tan (lead), Raymond Tang, Ed Chan, Hoiyee Lim, Simon Liu.

A fragmentation and contrast built out of materiality, reflections, and shapes were inspired by the brand’s unique merchandising techniques. The quirky ways of displaying the menswear items are short-run. Every day the merchandising team switch out the stock and there isn’t one day where all items displayed are the same, so if you love what you see – grab it whilst you can!



In-store they include t-pop art which is also incorporated within the character toy figurines that are placed on a bespoke triangle asymmetric marble floor that divides the showcase of the characters within the shop.



Chameleon-like angular display alcoves that seemingly disappear as it is camouflaged by reflections of its surroundings and an ever-changing installation of 600 recycled pallets anchor the space.

Deconstructed fitting rooms include white LED light installations inside, the mirrors on the outside to encourage the selfie generation, uploading and marketing the brand by posting your #OOTD (outfit of the day)



  • By Emma Thorpe


Influence: RetailDesignBlog