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How Holograms will evolve in Retail 2020.


Whilst most people are engrossed on AR using smartphones or headsets, the real hologram revolution is emerging more than ever.

What is a Hologram?

In basic terms, a hologram is a three-dimensional virtual object that isn’t ‘there’ to touch or feel. But it looks as if it could be. A hologram is either floating in the air or standing on a nearby desk/ table.

The ‘Holo’ in Microsoft’s HoloLens headset is a reference to holograms and when we think of these future AR holograms, we think of headsets and goggles such as HoloLens or smartphones – which run applications that have been created with Apple’s ARKit or Google’s ARCore.*

With Holograms now becoming in high demand, the technology is increasingly becoming universal and companies are racing to win the market domination and rightfully so.



Using 3D technology to enhance the customer experience.

Brand value has increasingly been defined, not through the narrow lens of price, but in terms of the total experience that consumers have when they interact with a given brand. Holograms have developed a total digital experience, if they were to be portrayed in a window shop display for example – not only does it attract customers, but it also enhances the brand, increases conversation and overall traffic to store, enticing customers to walk onto the shop floor.

Innovation challenge for the retail industry.

With the rise of online shopping, retailers are having to come up with alternative and innovative ideas fast to make sure that footfall in store is maintained. Traditional bricks-and-mortar store are increasingly challenged to rethink their business strategy. While consumers expect an exciting shopping experience, holographic technology helping to introduce holograms in retail is an answer to the rightly posed question which we face with every shopping decision ‘Why should I go to a physical store, if I can get it online?’

More and more immersed in the digital world of endless possibilities, consumers are looking for comparable experience outside of the virtual reality.**

  • What if there were to be no limits to what you can show in your store?
  • What if you had a tool to make your product stand out in more ways you can imagine?



How we can help.

Holograms are becoming the go-to prop/ accessory in retail and we couldn’t be more excited on how we can incorporate these for our clients to elevate their brand/ product. This will leave a lasting memory and will become a tool for shoppers to exploit the display itself across social media, driving new potential customers to store. We have a strong relationship with all our clients, so it is important to bring and deliver innovation wherever we can.

Holograms are expected and are already being the ‘next big thing in retail’ and here at Pivotal, we can supply you with bespoke Holograms that deliver the wow factor to all your retail display solutions, exhibition stands and for those independent users.

We have access to the latest tech which can incorporate into a design specifically for you.






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