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Reflecting on our time at Euroshop

After exhibiting at Euroshop – The World’s No.1 Retail Trade show, it brings us a great sense of pride that we were able to showcase Pivotal Retail Marketing on not only at a European scale but worldwide!

It gave us an opportunity to present our brand to a much wider audience, demonstrating what we do as a multi-award winning business.



This is a great accomplishment by “team Pivotal” and reflects the dedication and passion of all the team involved, this is especially poignant as we are celebrating our 10-year anniversary next month!

Euroshop gave us great the freedom to engage with both potential suppliers and new clients from all over.

We wanted our exhibition stand not only to be noticeable but to truly showcase who we are and what we do.



Retail – Insights – Creative – Manufacture – Install; is what we do – proudly illuminated in a stretched fabric lightbox, something you can see from afar and draws your attention.

We work with both UK and global brands to execute all their POS, retail displays and solutions at a bespoke standard, offering both temporary and permanent solutions.

Some of our portfolio pieces were displayed in a montage effect in a large illuminated stretched fabricated lightbox which brought light and attraction to the stand.



Not forgetting that we included physical three-dimensional units we have built for clients such as two Gucci fragrance FSDUs, the PPG Voice of Colour Wall Unit and MyBlu gantry unit. These units drove a lot of interest to our stand and were great conversation starters throughout the duration. These bespoke displays and systems are fine examples of the type of creative development we produce in the manufacturing process.



At the forefront of our stand was a large white illuminated podium with our Pivotal branding. This was a great way to greet customers to our stand as well as including our A5 Pivotal leaflet, notepads and pens for our hand-outs.



At Pivotal, we come up with creative and functional solutions for all brands and retailers. We designed, manufactured and built our very own MDF free standing unit which has great flexibility in terms of what you wish to stock. This took pride of place and took centre stage on our stand; this unit also included a digital tablet showcasing how the FSDU can be built extenuating the functionality and its positives; Flexible design, low cost, Durability, FSC Sourced, Variable configurations, customized branding, sustainable and not forgetting High load capacity so it was a great opportunity to truly present how much weight it could hold. And we were able to stock multiple branded bottles of beers such as packs of Heineken, large bottles of Peroni, Budweiser, Heineken and Stella Artois.



Also placed on an illuminated shelf-strip bay unit was a Vitality CBD CDU, Eucerin PR Boxes, MyBlu device holder, MyBlu CDU, Aria stone sample CDU and a Eucerin lip balm CDU.

The main benefit of these illuminated shelf edge strips is to not only illuminate the detail inside the ticket strip itself but also illuminate everything that sits on the shelf below, adding theatre instore. These are something we also supply and deliver.



It is safe to say our stand stood out by a mile and we are super proud of the effect it had in Hall 3!



The Pivotal team would like to thank each and every one of you who came to visit us at Euroshop!



For those who didn’t get chance to see us, no worries – email our team today with your enquiry:

Insights, Pivotal HQ