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We at Pivotal Retail Marketing Ltd want to help those who are not currently designing or ordering POS/POP displays due to the current crisis. Yes, you heard us right – although something we never thought we would have to suggest. However even during these unprecedented times – if you are not ordering, we still want to speak to you!

At a time of uncertainty many companies are now putting their projects on hold, this means amongst lots of other industries the Retail POS/POP one is likely to be feeling the strain. But in this time of vagueness, is the answer to simply ‘freeze’ your projects or is this a time to reflect upon your marketing strategy, processes and expenditure? Is this a chance to continue to grow your brand/stores and use the situation to make positive impressions and use talented and available suppliers, such as us, in the market? (We think so!)


Kevin McCook

  • Head of Business Development

“Without sounding ‘anti-agency or manufacturer supplier’ the reason I joined Pivotal is because I have never been overly satisfied with the ‘quick fix’ approach and money driven, cheap, and poor-quality displays that get made. I get it is a ‘sales’ and ‘cost’ driven market for many retailers and brands but is it really just about this, or is it about long-term partnering and collaboration?

If it is about the long-term, what are your current suppliers doing to help you when you need them in the future? Have they contacted you? Are they, or will they be able to help you in this uncertain future?

Having had a lengthy career across both sales and retail operations, agency and manufacturing. I am sure you will agree – never has there been a challenge as big as the one we will all face now, which is to rebuild the entire bricks and mortar retail environment up from a ground zero level after the Corona Virus outbreak has disappeared!

Understanding this is a very difficult time, with the fear of uncertainty – for us as a business, I just wanted to say that we are here for you and we can help.

It’s time to be POSITIVE!