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Brands respectfully invite positivity & fresh perspectives in store

As part of our Health and Beauty series, we continue to delve into retail that boasts innovation and experiences for consumers, as well as how they invite us to the shop floor and creating a memorable encounter. Exploring the physical retail landscape, investigating what brands and retailers are doing and how they are maximising consumer experience helps complement our Experience Essentials.

Within our Experience Essentials research, we aim to look at 5 key ingredients that praise our case studies.

At Pivotal, we can enable brands to exploit their purpose, give the consumer reason to purchase, as well as being an education into their product. Our abilities to enable brands to effectively communicate their objective is what we specialise in. As part of our marketing strategy, we make sure to look at what others can achieve.

For those that were not aware, not only are The Body Shop 100% cruelty free and against animal testing, but they also offer a wide range of Vegan products. Cruelty free products are generally much healthier and less toxic for your skin. If you were t switch to vegan and cruelty free products, you are in affect opting for skincare products with an all-natural ingredient which has less likelihood on having any negative side effects, which can cause harm, not forgetting that the less toxins used are more eco-friendly – all all-rounder positive!

After visiting The Body Shop’s store in Birmingham’s Bullring, it was apparent that sustainability is also a massive part of their Ethos and company strategy. The Body Shop exists to fight a fairer, more beautiful world which is described as their purpose – it drives everything that they do. Their beliefs are everything, that business is a force for food, the empowerment of women and girls and the belief that ‘everyone is beautiful.’

Let’s clean up our act to clean up the planet.

The Body Shop now have a dedicated section on the shop floor where you can select your chosen body product. Your chosen scented cream is then pumped into a reusable aluminium bottle to use from home. Once used and contents become empty, it is advised to bring this bottle back to store and have a refill. The overall aim for this tactic is to help eliminate waste and unnecessary disposable of materials such as plastic bottles. The Body Shop are working to targets on saving an astonishing 25 tonnes of plastic per year.

You are enough.

Empowerment in your own skin is something that we all need from time to time. Throughout the store, there are little reminders to love you in your own skin.

One example – placed above the make-up section is a vinyl sticker on the mirror stating, ‘You are enough.’ The idea is that we are all beautiful as we are and make-up isn’t a necessity, however if preferred, then they opt for the more natural look ‘Fresh nude foundation. For a lighter touch’ – aim: enhancing natural beauty.

Another example – a large floor to ceiling acrylic board was hung at the back of the store next to the cash desk quoting:


Your body is yours for life.

It works hard for you.

So, take care of it.

With raw, natural and powerful ingredients.

That do wonders for your body.

And wonders for the world.

We’ve never tested on animals.

We’re vegan wherever possible.

We champion ethical ingredients.

And in our fight for a fairer and more beautiful world, we will always empower women and girls.

We’ll let nothing stand in our way.

No conventions. Not anyone.

Because now, more than ever, the world needs strong confident bodies.

So, lets stand up for what we believe in.

Let’s scrub up our bodies and scrub up the world.



You cannot get more impactful and empowering than that! Well done to The Body Shop team.



Support and spreading the love always wins. Join the self-love uprising with The Body Shop team.

A fine example in store for human connection and empowerment. How can we be better? How can we highlight matters in our lives, become better people and support the LGBTQ+ community? There is a designated sticky-note board in selected stores where you can write out your aspirations, goals, and willingness to be a better person. To label a few:

“Spread love, not hate.”

“Respect their opinions, even though I don’t agree.”

“Continue using cruelty free products.”

“Treat others how you want to be treated.”

“Supports the LGBTQ+ community on social media.”

“I will challenge discrimination.”


What we have discovered is an experience store, rather than the try and test stores. The Body Shop’s ethos and willingness to empower truly shines through within times of understanding to their consumers.

Our overall opinion is that more stores should include such inspiration as this – giving the consumer a well-rounded, impactful, and influential experience. Well done to The Body Shop on their significant commitment.



  • Written by Emma Thorpe