Eucerin Exhibition Stand

We had been commissioned by Beiersdorf to design, developed and manufacture their exhibition stand. Eucerin are a highstreet skincare brand and offer a wide range of products for a variety of skin types. They specialise in the care of your skin, using dermatoligcally tested products. 

We approached the initial design with a view to making the stand as flexible as possible. The use of materials we used made this stand durable, yet at a lower end cost for the client. We wanted to bring sophistication to the stand as much as possible. So much so, we included LED lighting within the units to make the stand more eye-catching for shoppers and passers-by. This brings a pivotal (no pun intended) moment and brings attention to the brand.

We designed a flexible structure that could be extended or reduced whilst still maintaining the core elements required to promote the brand. The use of POS graphics are illuminated in light boxes to add a contemporary finish and a high-end feel. 

We continue to this day to work with Eucerin to execute all their in-store display needs. 

Client: Eucerin

Category: Creative, Exhibitions