Eucerin Illuminated Pharmacy Gantries

We were commissioned by Eucerin at Beiersdorf to create an eye-catching illuminated Gantry that was showcased in Pharmacy stores across the UK. Our aim was to overall increase brand awareness, create noise on the shop floor and to make sure that sales increased for the Eucerin product line.

Our marketing objectives were:

  • Entice customers
  • Increase basket spend
  • Value engineered Gantry
  • Illuminate Eucerin’s products
  • Improve brand awareness & product availability

With our Design and Value Engineering, it meant that we could create a sheet metal Gantry that was sturdy, durable yet baring in mind being cost effective. Our illumination throughout each shelf and behind the POS slots means that the product is effectively highlighted and increases product availability. 

The illumination makes sure that Eucerin stands out on the shop floor, which will increase customer engagement, basket spend and improve brand awareness. This makes the Eucerin brand stand out from the rest on the shelves.


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Client: Beiersdorf

Category: Gantry Unit, Skincare