Eucerin Pharmacy SUN POS

At Pivotal, we were commissioned by Beiersdorf to design, develop and install all of their POS for their Pharmacy store window shop
display as well as in-store POS in Dublin back in  2016. This project for the client was a fun to develop – it was to launch and present
Eucerin’s current skincare line outlining the suncream collection, with their new and improved products. This screams summer,  ecause what better way to promote summer related producs than to incorporate an ‘on the beach’ sort of vive, including three
dimensional cut outs of sea shells perched on the sand and the products being elevated to the fore-front of the POS box itself.
Our window shop display was capitvating and engaging. Both Pharmacy and Eucerin were really pleased with the outcome and the whole display was a pleasure for us to create.

Client: Eucerin

Category: Promotional