Eucerin Sun FSDU

Beiersdorf has been a rolling on client of ours for many years. We were commissioned by the Eucerin team to create a sustainable, environmentally friendly free standing display unit which would be showcase on the shop floor across the UK.

The range was for their Sun Protection collection. This display gave the shopper an informative educational experience, complimenting the products benefits.

With the use of 3D card, this meant that the unit was strong, sturdy but could be recycled after the POS opportunity finishes. 

Making sure that stock was kept neat and tidy, it was important for us to include cut out product locations, as opposed to product channels. This meant that the sales staff could easily merchandise the unit, meaning it was a low maintenance unit. 

This unit was showcased at the end of isles, giving it its own pivotal moment and where footfall would be at its highest. 

We continue to work with Beiersdorf on their in-store point of sale requirements.


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Client: Beiersdorf

Category: Skincare