Exhibition Stands and Promotional Showcases

Exhibition Stands and Promotional Showcases

At Pivotal, we take pride in offering our customers a full turn key service, whether that is showcasing their brand and journey in store or to promote who they are and what they do as part of an exhibition stand display, promotional event or pop-up. 

We have been established for over 10 years, but with our combined 40+ years experience in the Retail point of sale industry and with our strong expertise in bespoke developments – it means that we have managed to add to our unique selling point by creating outstanding and appealing exhibition stands.

Exhibition stands effectively embody your brand image and help you emphasize the key message of your marketing campaign capabilities. It is dependent on your budget, but stands can be cost efficient, whilst being very profitable for your brand overall.

This dedicated section here on our website outlines just a glimpse of the exhibition stands that we have done for our dedicated clients over the years. We continue to work closely with them on current and future executions, all whilst maintaining their look and feel, furthermore to help increase sales for their company. 



We create impactful displays where they are memorable. For example when we designed, manufactured and installed this bespoke M&Ms photobooth prop located at Oxford Circus, London – it was an engaging and playful aspect for the shop floor. The whole touch and feel feature brought in a high footfall of customers and increased sales for M&Ms instore, as well as increasing their brand marketing. The feature of the photo booth app was to be able to effectively take photos of the faces of who was inside the booth and printed onto the M&Ms. 

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