Formica Counter Display Unit

Formica Counter Display Unit

We were commissioned by Formica to design, develop, manufacture and install a bespoke counter display unit for their samples.

This unit comprimises of a metal base, frosted acrylic top plate and PETG brochure holder. All elements have then been screen printed with logos and straplines. This unit achieved all the objectives supplied from the clients brief successfully, both on time and on budget.

The unit has raised awareness of a brand new product and led to an increase in growth of the product against forecast. This unit was sited in mainly kitchen showrooms, builders and plumbers merchants. Its target market is to both trade and the general public that will include DIYers, builders, plumbers and architectural specifiers.

Our aim was to provide a premium high-quality unit to enhance the product samples. Materials, such as metal, acrylic and printing onto both substrates were carried out, as well as packaging and collating the product samples. The unit was frosted acrylic plate printed with the product logo and a satin finish to the metal base. Achieved by providing a premium look and feel that further enhanced the samples housed in the display. A removable PETG brochure holder was added to the back of the unit to allow staff to store brochures. All materials used were to be durable as the samples on the display would continuously be removed.



As this was a new product to be launched in-store, it was vital to give Formica a whole appearance and awareness to shoppers. Formica wanted the brand to stand out on its own, but still use Formica’s heritage within the decorative surface market. With this in mind we kept the Formica logo to a minimum. Formica wanted the entire range displaying on the unit which we ensured was the case and also we ensured that the all samples were clearly displayed in a tiered fashion at just the right angle of lean so all were clearly visible and uniformly laid out.

Practicality and durability:

The unit had to fit into the minimum amount of footprint and be extremely durable. We therefore ensured that the most compact design was created to cater for the 18 samples to be displayed and the right materials were used to ensure durability. The unit was required to be sent out to store with a complete set of samples enclosed, also ensuring the packaging design was fit for purpose to the weight of the unit. This was then to be built up by the retail representatives/ merchandising team, therefore, we wanted to create something that was easy to maintain and assemble.

Client: Formica

Category: Counter Display