PPG – Johnstones Colour station

We were thrilled to be commissioned an exciting project for Johnstone’s paints – to design, develop, manufacture and install their permanent retail unit for their colour station.

The whole unit comprises of the main colour station fixture set within the existing run of store shelving situated in the paint aisles, as well as on-shelf items comprising of information cards, brochure holders, header cards and header card holders – as this provides a whole category solution.

The fixture achieved all the outlined objectives from the client, as well as creating a solution to meet the client’s requirements, effectively and efficiently to their budget. The fixture had an immediate effect on driving sales following its installation compared to what was previously in store.



This was showcased in the Woodies DIY Stores in Ireland, which is open to the general public and trade alike. It was important to use materials that were fit for purpose and practical for shoppers. We re-evaluated the brief and came up with recommendations for using specific materials for the fixture. Our proposals included a variety of materials; MDF, Foamex, glass, acrylic, metal and card. There were also wooden paint swatches sprayed in 128 individual colours. All these materials were chosen in order to fulfil the overall design objectives, most importantly to maintain durability in store to create a long-lasting fixture to retain the look and feel. All elements were designed to be easily replaced by both the client’s dedicated team or the in-store merchandising team – therefore giving the client flexibility to change graphics and design whenever a refresh is needed.




Store presence:

The overall design enhanced the fixture and presence providing a clear uncluttered, informative area away from the paint tins on display, allowing the shopper to locate paints easily. Further aided by inspirational graphics and colour books which when combined with the paint tester pots provided re-enforced information. The tester pots then resulted in driving the increased purchase of tins of paint. The main fixture was then further enhanced by other information on the main aisle shelving by the use of informative panels, brochure holders and category header signage to complete the overall look and feel.

Fixture designs:

We used new materials to protect the unit from being accidently painted on – as this has been an issue with previous fixtures. This objective was hit by coming up with solutions through tests and developed different materials to ensure that the fixturing could be easily cleaned by staff, allowing the fixture to present itself at best potential.

All elements on the fixture can be easily replaced and updated with new graphics or paint colour swatches.




We won 2 awards for this project with Popai! This installation won Bronze for both categories of;

  • Home & Garden 
  • Project Management & Installation

Client: Johnstone's

Category: DIY & Paint, Permanent Retail