Imperial Tobacco MyBlu CDU

Imperial Tobacco – MyBlu CDU

This project was commissioned by MyBlu, and our brief was to design, develop, manufacture and install their in-store Countertop Display Unit. Ourselves and the client was pleased with the overall outcome of the execution of the counter display unit as we accomplished all the objectives and guidelines supplied effectively, and efficiently on time, on budget, as well as accomplishing great in store presence they were seeking.

You will see these MyBlu counter units in a variety of convenience stores around the UK as we did a total of 2010!

The used a variety of materials we used for the CDU, in which were styrene and acrylic. The reasoning behind this was to make the CDU durable, solid, as well as being easy to clean and maneuver for the in-store staff. Styrene is also more cost effective than using just acrylic on its own for instance. The unit is also recyclable and environmentally friendly, which was also important to us and the client.



The CDU was designed, developed and installed using styrene and acrylic, making this unit solid and durable for in store use. This would give the MyBlu unit that solid presence after installation completion


The MyBlu CDU has great presence as the bright blue styrene was chosen effectively. The reason we chose styrene instead of acrylic for this option is the lead time on colour developing on styrene is quicker than using acrylic. The cost effective way was done, however the presence of the CDU was contemporary, clean and a clear display of the products.

Environmentally friendly:

This Counter Display Unit was made to be environmentally friendly as the styrene was included in the materials, and not just using acrylic. So not only did we keep costs down for the client, this can be recycled and used over and over again with the unit looking in immaculate condition.



Client: MyBlu

Category: Counter Display, Tobacco, Vaping