Imperial Tobacco MyBlu Impact Unit

Imperial Tobacco – MyBlu Impact Unit

Imperial Tobacco our one of our most loyal clients, and we were commissioned to design, develop, install their MyBlu impact unit. 

We made this unit stand out and bring a sense of a contemporary feel with the illuminated side wing attached to the Tobacco Gantry highlighting Blu electronic cigarettes.

It achieved all the objectives supplied by the client and it gave the client a solution to run future promotions and new product launches, completely turning around its look in store and shouts out to shoppers who enter. It give the brand flexibility to stand out and we believe it does just that!

You will find this unit in a number of Convenience retail stores across the UK as we did a total of 350 units.

The objectives behind the materials used for the impact unit were for it to be durable, and a reliable unit for in store retail. Main reason being because it is a permanent unit. There was a variety of materials used including sheet metal, LED illumination, acrylic fabrication and printed graphics.


Create Impact and Stand Out for Blu Ecigs & Liquids:

MyBlu already had a side wing for Tobacco Gantries but it was just a shelving unit – which might we say, didn’t really standout. We came up with a kit which could be added to the existing carcass to make the unit standout. We wanted to give the brand a mechanism where they could easily and effectively run promotions. We added Blu LED’s to the outer sides which instantly shout out to shoppers and create awareness.

Create more Brand Awareness:

The existing units were grey/dark internally so we added white panels on the inside to brighten it up, we also added bright Blue LED strips to the inside of the carcass to create more light, standout and a halo effect. We created a metal lightbox which promotes the brand imagery and creates more awarenes the good thing they can moved to any location up and down the unit where future planograms dictate. We also designed an illuminated hotspot (the large box), this has a vacuum formed tray in with live product on and a card backboard, which sales Teams can easily change for future promotions.

Promote Vaping in Convenience stores:

Vaping is becoming a big sector next to the Tobacco Market and Imperial Tobacco wanted to create a unit which helped Convenience Retailers make the most of this sector. With illuminating the unit how we have and also putting downlights on to the products its easy for shoppers to see the unit and products. Our unit divides up the products with a My Blu pod system at the top and normal blu liquids below, also room has been made for competitors products towards the bottom allowing Retailers to offer more range to their shoppers.


Client: MyBlu

Category: Gantry Unit, Tobacco, Vaping