Pivotal COVID 19 testing and vaccination bays

Are you prepared?

Here at Pivotal, we have worked with a large variety of customers across the UK since the first outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. We have designed, manufactured, delivered and installations a wide range of safety solutions inclusive of hand sanitiser stations, protective sneeze screens, social distancing floor stickers, face masks/face shields, multi-purpose cleaning stations and more.

Since the latest Government Guidelines, we updated our approach to help those in need of COVID-19 testing and vaccination services. We have designed and manufactured a cost effective solution for those seeking this option at their facility.

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Further to GOV.UK’s announcement, the recent plan of action is to deliver a programme for asymptomatic COVID-19 testing across more Schools, Healthcare and Leisure Facilities in the UK. A number of schools across the UK have already benefitted from being the first to showcase and include a testing site on their premises, but now the Government are opening up more approved sites – and we are here to help. 

The bays include testing guidance, a mirror and a safety hatch. 

1 bay – £145

2 bay – £230

3 bay – £350

4 bay – £436

5 bay – £520

*Price excluding VAT and delivery

Here at Pivotal, we can help you get set up and organised, ready for mass testing.

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