PPG Voice of Colour

PPG Voice of Colour

We were delighted to work with PPG on another big roll-out for their retail point of sale, this time for their Voice of Colour unit. After a lot of experience working with PPG, it meant that we could work closely on executing another bespoke unit and to help bring their vision to life.

As always, we met with the client’s budget and deadline successfully. With our expertise, it meant that we could introduce and recommend educational suggestions along the way to help increase sales targets.

The unit gives the customer a full shopping journey. The Voice of Colour roll out is an inspiring palette that includes over 2,000 colours. It is from these colours that PPG’s global experts create annual trends and design themes to help their customer choose colour with confidence.



Who are PPG?

PPG Industries are a global supplier of paints, coatings and speciality materials. They are a global manufacturer of paints, coatings and speciality materials and Fortune 200 company with headquarters in Pittsburgh and operations in nearly 70 countries around the world. PPG seeks to enhance the quality of life wherever the company has a presence throughout the worlds by means of grant making and community involvement. PPG were founded were founded more than 130 years ago as the first commercially successful U.S plate glass factory and started its coatings business in 1900.

The roll-out

The VOC roll out consisted of just under 300 stores which was across both the UK and Europe. The installation was inclusive of both Free-Standing Display Units (FSDUs) and Wall units. In total there were 193 FSDUs and 96 wall units completed successfully. The aim of the roll-out was to exclusively present customers with its bespoke cut out colour chips that are painted to the correct to each individual pantone.



List of Marketing Objectives we hit:

  1. To create a stand-out Unit in all stockists across UK and Europe

How it was met: The high-quality, bespoke Voice of Colour unit for both the FSDU and Wall stood out due to its captivating vibrant, sharp edged triangle coloured paint chips. The unit also creates overall impact due its unique artwork which features on the front, sides and back as well as the abstract effect that appears from the bottom in an array of neutral tones, which contrasts against the black commendably.


  1. Presenting stock effectively.

How it was met: The products that is stocked on the units were effectively paint chip examples for the customer, which presents an exact pantone to the paints available in store on shelving. Additional to this, there included an educational write up to the type of paints available and what they are best used for. On the Wall unit presented on the front and on the FSDU on the side, there included interior design inspiration with the use of photography, demonstrating to the customer on how certain colours can be executed in a variety of rooms. Also displayed on the FSDUs are leaflet holders which are stocked by the instore merchandisers, consisting of additional information on the paint selection process.


  1. To create a long-lasting unit.

How it was met: Both units were exclusively made out from metal, bespoke to suit. Making this roll-out from metal meant that it has a longer lasting existence in all stores.

Client: PPG

Category: DIY & Paint