Ricoh Safety Protection Equipment

Ricoh – VIPS – Virus Impact Protection Systems

Through recent times, we have been providing our existing clients and new with a wide range of COV-ID safety solutions.

With Ricoh being a returning client of ours, it was important to us to be able to provide safety solutions for them, as well as maintaining their branded look and feel.

Last week, we delivered a large order of personalised, automatic hand sanitising stations. These proudly stood in situ in their reception, meeting rooms and offices – making sure all colleagues and customers maintained clean hands throughout the day.

The colourful blocked stripes across the unit depicts and outlines Ricoh’s safety guidance at work.

  • Please keep 2m apart at all times
  • Please observe all signage
  • Please adhere to floor markings
  • Please wash or sanitise hands
  • Use safe seats only

These rules in place makes sure that everyone is respecting the new boundaries at the workplace. With including these guidelines on the unit itself – it highlights the importance and reinforces the rules at every touch point.

With the sanitiser unit being an automatic dispenser, this supports the least amount of surface touching with hands and maintains less worry of sanitising the dispenser pod if it was not to be touch free.

We continue to work with Ricoh in providing solutions for their needs. 

Client: Ricoh

Category: Safety