Imperial Tobacco Riverstones FSDU

Imperial Tobacco Riverstones FSDU

We were commissioned to design, develop, install and manufacture a FSDU and POS display for Imperial Tobacco, Riverstones. The unit reaches the potential to influence shoppers in the wholesale environment. The captivating graphics and overall design was met successfully to the clients budget and deadlines. You will find this in a number of wholesalers/retailers across the UK as we developed 100 units in total.

The objective was to develop presence in a crowded tobacco room (owned by a competitor) and awareness of a new product launch in a notoriously dark market. The use of card and graphics kept costs low for the client and the graphics were important for the stand and POS to grab the audience.



Brand knowledge:

The FSDU was cited in 100 wholesale depots throughout the UK for 6 months, inspiring interest and brand knowledge amongst retailers. The brands imagery was about Mountains and Rocky Rivers, we wanted to work further on that trying to create wooden look crates for the outers to sit in, angled at different angles so shoppers can easily see the products. It really created interest as it was something different in store.


The presence was the ultimate aim for us to exceed at for the brand. Since its launch it now has 1% market share, it is a category worthy and notoriously difficult to introduce new brands in due to the exceedingly high levels of brand loyalty. Alongside that the FSDU helped achieve almost 90% distribution within independents.

Retailers were so impressed they even asked if they could take them home once the campaign had finished!

Client comment:

The unit not only portrayed the brand visuals and sold the story of the brand, it lived and breathed it, adding an unparalleled degree of value. The unit itself was designed to be low cost which ultimately meant an incredibly high ROI per unit placed but this didn’t detract from top class craftsmanship, high stock holding and constant use. The unit told the story of the brand in an environment / category where this is difficult. I have no doubt this has been a major factor in the brand’s success.”


Client: Imperial Tobacco

Category: Tobacco