Superdrug Eucerin FSDU

Superdrug Eucerin FSDU

We created and developed a well-executed free-standing display unit effectively to Eucerin’s budget, as well as making it a great value for money solution, retail friendly, environmentally friendly and hitting the clients guidelines with both to cover the requirements from the client.

A variety of professions such as make-up artists, beauticians, spas, holistic treatment therapy, product testers, dermatologists, skincare practitioners and masseuse practitioners visit the Superdrug stores and it was important for us to exploit Eucerin’s products in an effective and clear presentation. 

The client wanted something that was to be semi-permanent in store. Therefore, we manufactured the free-standing unit out of card, as this project was a 4 week promotional launch.

Making it out of card was achieved at a low cost, as well as being environmentally friendly as the materials were safe to recycle.


To create awareness of the brand and product range within Superdrug:

Eucerin are a premium skin care brand whom only launched in Superdrug a few months prior. They wanted to launch a promotion of their products in January, as this is deemed as a key time when shoppers when thinking about changing their skin care regimes. After discussions with the brand team and the Retailer, it was agreed to run a promotion on a Free Standing Floor Stand (FSDU) for the whole month of January. This objective was hit with the use of rows exploiting the different ranges of skincare Eucerin provide, which were colour coded – making it easy for the shopper to locate their desired line, for example; Anti-aging.

Create Impact in store:

We designed an FSDU to an agreed stock load up, we came up with a number of different designs by our creative design team but this one stood out from the rest. We needed our unit to communicate to the Superdrug Shopper which is mainly females. We wanted to create impact in store by using bright colours, great brand imagery and clear messaging to the consumer.

The objective was hit. The use of graphics both on front and sides created impact and brought awareness from all angles for the brand.

To create excitement around the product by running a Gift With Purchase (GWP) promotion. – The GWP was a Eucerin Micellar Water, we emphasised this by raising the product on the shelves and not only the top shelf. Superdrug’s promotions are identified by a bright pink roundel, we used this same colour to clearly emphasize the which was the product on promotion making it clear for the shopper.

Increase Sales within Superdrug:

Sales of Eucerin products increased not only for the promotion but also for each month. For the month of January sales increased by 12.2% overall, they did slightly drop in February when the product wasn’t on promotion but overall volume of sales over the next months stayed significantly higher than previous. The client was very happy with the look and feel of the unit and has run the same promotion using the same unit a couple of time since.

The objectives were hit by individually labelling the variety of product lines in colour coding and text description on each row of items.


We look forward to continuing working with Eucerin to successfully install and develop their retail solutions. 

Client: Eucerin

Category: Skincare