Tobacco Retail

Pivotal design, develop and install unique display systems that follow and fit any new legislations that come to market for the Tobacco retail landscape.

This particular system is different to other solutions on the market. It covers individual shelves wherever required – such as the Tobacco products. For the products that don’t need to be covered, such as Vaping products, these can displayed on the other side where the door can be exposed to customers (image right above). Or alternatively, you could have both doors closed (image left above) 

This unit also allows for interchangeable graphics dependent on different promotions, enabling them to be switched out on the doors and headers. This overall makes the Gantry unit functional and flexible. The text in the header is lit up at the top, which brings more attention to the overall gantry behind the till.

The use of LED bulbs around the frame of the gantry adds more of a contemporary finish and illuminates the product on the shelving, making it more visible for both the Retail worker and customer to see what products are available.

 The solution has been designed to fit into many different types and variations of Retail and Forecourt spaces, dependent on whether the customer would like a single gantry category solution inclusive of both Vaping and Tobacco units, which is reference to the below left image.

This solution makes it flexible for the Retail/Forecourt customer to have a full category solution whilst meeting with Tobacco Legislation laws, whilst having Vaping products on show and illuminated at the top.


All of our Tobacco and Vaping Gantry units undergo a full on-site survey before any Design and Project Management is carried out – so make sure that each solution is suited to your needs.

We have received great feedback over the years by our client’s directly and we continue to design and develop more tobacco gantries for ball convenience, retail and wholesale and forecourt landscapes.



Client: Tobacco retail

Category: Gantry Unit, Permanent Retail, Tobacco