UK safety in lockdown phase 2

On 5th November 2020, it has been announced that there is a second phase National lockdown for the duration of a month – at least for now. At Pivotal, we have been designing, manufacturing, delivering and installing our full range of COVID safety products and solutions throughout the pandemic across the UK. Our products are inclusive of both PETG and acrylic screens, cleaning and hand sanitiser stations, divider and separation screens, PPE, sanitiser refills and more – all at cost effective prices.


Are you keeping safe throughout lockdown phase 2?

Since Government guidelines have been confirmed on what sectors are to remain open and continue working, one sector is Manufacturing and another is Healthcare. Whilst we are in the Manufacturing sector, we have come together to carry on providing these safe solutions to our customers all across the UK.

Key workers & Manufacturing to continue

Key workers and Manufacturing are to continue on the front line through these uncertain times, so it was only right for us to help the key workers maintain their safety throughout this lockdown.

With our products designed and manufactured here in Leicester, East Midlands – we assure quality control is met and delivery is not only quick, but cost effective also.

Providing safety solutions in lockdown

We have worked with a number of clients already, making sure their safety solutions are ordered and installed ready in their workplace. One existing client of ours who is prepared is Nenplas Ltd. See above and below of some images of their Manufacturing facilities with our free standing hand sanitiser station *with additional shelving.



Who are Nenplas?

They are a leading supplier of extruded and fabricated plastic products, employing around 120 people. They are recognised as an established manufacturer of trade extruded products, specialising in the design and development of new and bespoke profiles to meet specific customer requirements.

They continue to work through lockdown phase 2 and we are glad to have helped the Nenplas team maintain their safety for their workers and to be able to continue trading.


We are here and continue to carry on working to help provide safety solutions for all.

Should you have an enquiry, please contact our team:

Client: Nenplas Ltd

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