Vapouriz Double Drip Pocket Fuel Vaping Vape Gantry Unit

Vapouriz Double Drip x Pocket Fuel Vape Unit

We worked with Vapouriz to create an eye catching premium Vaping Display unit for their Double Drip & Pocket fuel range.

The brief was to maintain the look and feel of both brands guidelines effectively and of best interests. Inclusive of the LED lighting – this was illuminating the products in-between the shelving, which illuminates the product beneficially as this allows the Vaping customers find the product with ease, whilst giving them a more luxury shopping experience.

Vapouriz utilised our full turn-key service. We were able to Design, Develop, Manufacture, Deliver and Install this solution direct to their customers.

Inclusive of Education in the middle – this gives the customer a better insight onto what vaping product and liquid is more suited to them. This educational section brings more than just a category, it helps the customer understand and feel assured.

With the Vaping industry becoming more competitive, its key for brands to stand out in store. Our marketing objectives were hit from the brief successfully and this exclusive Double Drip Gantry unit screams premium, whilst delivering a display solution that has already increased sales for Vapouriz.

Client: Vapouriz

Category: Vaping