Tobacco Retail

Pivotal designed and developed a unique display system following on from new legislation that came to the market – having to cover up tobacco cigarette products within a gantry unit.

This particular system is different to other solutions on the market. It only covers individual shelves, which also allows for interchangeable graphics for different promotions to be switched out. This makes the overall unit functional and flexible. The graphics POS was to be lit up at the top so it brings more attention to the overall gantry unit. The use of LED light bulbs around the frame of the gantry adds more of a contemporary finish and adds lighting. 

The design of the fixture allows the flexing of space by the facility to add or remove individual slats, which was important to the client for us to include. 

The solution has been designed to fit onto many different types and sizes of cigarette gantries.

We developed many gantries, so much so, they were installed into 2500 stores. They were all successfully fitted individually surveyed and installed by our team and the overal unit was a success with great feedback given from the client directly.

We continue to design and develop for more tobacco gantries for both convenience, retail and warehouse environments.

Client: Tobacco retail

Category: Counter Display, Gantry Unit, Permanent Retail, Tobacco